Wusthof Oyster opener

SKU WT9069900502

The Wusthof Oyster Knife shucks oysters precisely and safely, and is built to last.

Trusted and used by professional oyster shuckers and chefs, and home cooks in the UK and worldwide

The blade of the oyster knife is made from one solid strip of German High Carbon Stainless Steel tempered and hardened (Rockwell hardness scale: HRC); and polished with a reflective finish. The sharp point, tip and edges are expertly honed by hand.

The guard on the oyster knife protects the oyster shucker's hand from slippage or contact with the hard and sharp oyster shells.

The handle on the oyster knife is ergonomic; square in shape with rounded corners. The handle is made from polypropylene, and double compress riveted to the half tang. The handle (unlike wooden handles) won't warp, split, break or loosen.