NEW Wusthof Crafter Paring Knife 9cm

SKU WT1010830409
This paring knife is small but mighty. A cornerstone in any collection and easily one of the most versatile knives available, it’s perfect for both on-board and off-board work - from slicing and dicing to peeling and detailed work.

Real knife craft for real food fans. With the Wusthof Crafter knife series, we offer you a high-quality product and, with the careful selection of raw materials from smoked oak, brass and stainless steel, set a conscious counterpoint to the masses. This is exactly how we create durable cooking tools for every individual kitchen craftsman.

And this is exactly how the robust Wusthof Crafter knife becomes your ingenious companion when preparing and preparing fresh food. Completely manufactured in Solingen, Germany.

  • Forged from one piece of stainless steel
  • Final buffing by hand
  • Traditional brass rivets
  • Handle shells made from smoked oak
  • Authentic trident branding
  • Full tang