NEW Veritable Sticky Traps - Pack of 8


Kit of 8 sticky traps against insects

Each trap is placed at the back of the garden, sticky side facing away from the plant, between the basket and the Lingot®. The insects are attracted to the color yellow and get trapped on the glue. For the good growth of plants, as a preventive treatment, it is preferable to place a trap per garden to capture and control the potential arrival of insects.

In curative treatment, we recommend the use of a trap by a Lingot®. This pack of 8 traps helps protects your Véritable® garden for about 1 year.

For optimal use: replace the trap every 3/4 months or as soon as the sticky side is covered with insects.

The traps can be stored for 1 year at room temperature.

The effectiveness of these traps has been tested in the Veritable laboratory.
Avoid touching the sticky part to save removing the sticky residue. If staining occurs on the garden, use vegetable oil to clean.

The traps are odorless, insecticide-free and usable in organic farming