NEW Wusthof Classic White 23cm Sharpening Steel

SKU WT3040285023

Our Wusthof Classic knife series with its white handles gives your kitchen that special extra. With refined simplicity and impressive elegance. Perfectly balanced, comfortable to hold as you prep ingredients for every dish with graceful control. With crips, white handles that are colour resistant, staying clean and fresh for years to come. 

Honing steel for exceptional honing of your knives. Even high-quality knives, such as those made by Wusthof, gradually dull due to use: to compensate, a honing steel should be used regularly. A few strokes of both sides of the knife over the sharpening steel will help you to maintain the sharpness of a good blade. We recommend using a Diamond Steel or a Ceramic Steel to restore the sharpness of particularly blunt knives. You can read our sharpening guide here.