Koziol Pascal Ready Organic Lunch Box Set + Cutlery Set Organic Green

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SKU KZ3168668

Homemade food on the go has never been easier with help from our new lunchboxes. Taking your own healthy food with you helps you to do your part in conserving the environment – it is finally time to say goodbye to disposable packaging. PASCAL READY is the intelligent system for good food on the go. The system is well thought out, and the three boxes can be nested easily in one another. Salad, wraps, fruit, nuts, veggie sticks and croutons can be neatly separated so food remains appetizing until consumed. The compact KLIKK cutlery set which finds its place in the large box is the perfect companion for the lunchbox set. Thanks to the modular system, your own bento box can be reconfigured every day and adapted to the recipe of the day! Design-koziol werksdesign/ Height in mm 62/ Width in mm 166/ Length in mm 232/ USP:
4-piece lunchbox set
Cutlery included
Ideal for the lunch break and on the go
All containers have a handy clasp
Environmentally friendly
Dishwasher safe,BPA free,melamine free