Emile Henry

Emile Henry Mini Baguette/Roll Baker - Linen

SKU EH505519

L39cm | W23cm | H10.5cm

Miniature baguettes or rolls, perfect for lunchtime or as an accompaniment to soups. Discover the pleasure of making light, delicate baguettes, let the baker do the hard work. Simply divide the dough and place it into the compartments, ensuring an even and consistent bake at all times. The lid creates the right amount of moisture needed for cooking.


Makes 5 Baguettes/Rolls - Approx 19cm Length
Capacity - L 0,5 L
Weight - KG 3,4
Maximum temperature - 270 °C
Minimum temperature - -20 °C
Oven / Microwave / Freezer / Dishwasher

10 years warranty