Emile Henry

Emile Henry New Cheese Baker - Belle-Ile

SKU EH738417

The Emile Henry Cheese Baker is ideal for serving a creative cheese meal, to be served hot, melted brie/camembert-based dishes, mini fondue or French raclette style dinner.  Creativity begins with this must have product.

Think outside the box, literally! We use this product for smaller oven bakes, it is fabulous for various dishes that where want as a generous portion for one or simply the perfect dish for a pleasant meal for two.


Weight : 1,1kg / 2.43Lb

Length : 19,5cm / 7.68in
Width : 17,5cm / 6.89in
Height : 4,5cm / 1,8in
Inner length : 15,3cm / 6in
Inner height : 3,7cm / 1,5in
Usable capacity : 0,55L / 18,6OZ