Botaneo Eylo 2-slot Garden

£99.00 £69.00

Botaneo Eylo is an autonomous and compact indoor garden. Compatible with all Veritable Lingots, you can harvest aromatic herbs, edible flowers, mini vegetables and many other species all year round. Each garden comes complete with Chives and Curly Parsley (these will appear in your cart at the checkout).

Simply insert the Lingots, plug in the garden, fill the water reservoir and enjoy up to 3 weeks of automatic watering. The automatic lighting system respects the plants life cycle - the light spectrum is suitable for edible plants, accelerating growth and developing aromas. The LED's automatically turn on for 16 hours and off for 8 hours each day. The adjustable light pole is perfect for adapting the height of the light to suit the speed of plant growth. The handy minimum-level marker on the water-float lets you know when a top-up is needed.

From 4 weeks to 6 months, enjoy your aromatic produce, freshly grown and harvested in your own home. The garden comes with all the accessories for immediate start-up, as well as 2 Lingots for daily cooking. 

 Water tank autonomy  1 Litre
 Irrigation system  Passive hydroponic culture
 Specification  Power supply, 100-240 V, 50-60Hz, plug adapted to your country
 Compatibility  Compatible with Véritable® Lingots® only
 Dimensions  5’’(17.4cm) x 7’’(18.4m) x 18’’(46cm)
 Use  Indoor use
 Warranty  2 years
 Working T°  From 18°C to 35°C
 Lingots® conservation  Store in the fridge or in a cool and dried place, maximum 1 year