Emile Henry

Emile Henry Oven Dishes Charcoal 2pc

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Emile Henry Gift Set of 2 Oven Dishes Charcoal

Gift Set of 2 Oven Dishes 22x14 cm ~

Original and refined, this set of 2 Ultime dishes will please the lovers of Emile Henry. The ideal gift for yourself or a family friend, these baking dishes are presented in a beautiful gift box. This set contains 2 individual ovenproof dishes.make all kinds of dishes in this small yet versatile dish. Made from HR ceramic (High resistance), the dishes diffuse the heat evenly throughout the cooking process. Then in service at the table, it will stay warm for the duration of the meal, whilst looking wonderful at the table. Sturdy and robust, these dishes go in the oven, under the grill at high temperature and allows you to cook or thaw in the microwave.