Koziol PALSBY L Bowl Organic Pink 5l

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Koziol Bowl 5l PALSBY L - organic pink

L 30.0cm | W 30.0cm | H 14.6cm

The world is a bowl: simple, sensual and shapely. To make sure this hemisphere doesnt revolve on its own and roll away, the base has an indented hollow that guarantees stability. This "multi-directional watering can" also provides the perfect, no-spill pour. The PALSBY bowl is made out of the new koziol Organic Material based on cellulose: environmentally friendly, food-safe, 100% recyclable, and absolutely non-toxic, without formaldehyde or BPA. Not only that, it is also extremely long-living, robust and of course dishwasher-safe. Made in Germany allows for an active reduction of CO2 due to short transport routes and the use of green energy.