Emile Henry

Emile Henry Delight Tagine with Slate Lid 33cm dia.

SKU EH7A6632
Emile Henry Delight Tagine with Slate Lid

L 33.5cm | H 33.5cm | 4L

The Delight Tagine allows you to create delicious traditional recipes for tagines and other simmered dishes, on all types of heat sources (including induction) and in the oven. Made from the latest innovative ceramic, it is light and offers the advantage of healthy cooking which respects the nutritional qualities of the ingredients used. Highly reactive for browning, on it can also be gentle and diffuse the heat evenly for gentle simmering, bringing out the delicate flavours of the ingredients. The result is tender, moist and full of flavour, thanks to the unique shape of the lid which allows the evaporated juices to circulate. The sleek lines of the black lid and the generous black base provide elegant service on the table and enhance all kinds of recipes, both exotic or more traditional. Its naturally non-stick glaze makes it easy to clean (dishwasher proof) and maintain. Handmade and quality checked in our Burgundy workshops the Delight Tagine is guaranteed for 5 years.