Emile Henry

Emile Henry Oval stewpot Burgundy 39.5cm x 26.5cm 6L

SKU EH344560
Emile Henry Oval stewpot 6L Burgundy

L 39.5cm | W 26.5cm | 6L

Thanks to our innovative Flame ceramic, our stewpots offer all the advantages of cooking in ceramic : slow, even cooking which brings out the flavours of your ingredients. The lid makes sure the flavoured condensation circulates inside thanks to the dots underneath. Our range of stewpots is designed for use on all types of stove top (with an induction disk for induction hobs) and in the traditional oven. Easy to clean, they are dishwasher safe and will not lose their colour. All Emile Henry products are made in France and offer a ten years guarantee. A range made with Flame Ceramic. Master slow, gentle simmering on stove tops or in the oven: best cooking results guaranteed.