Brund Muffin Tin 24 Cup 39cm x 25cm

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Brund 39cm x 25cm Muffin Tin 24 Cup

The shape of the muffin tin makes it easy to remove the baking from the mould afterwards. Brund Bakeware is easily cleaned in the dishwasher. Oven heat max. 230 C.

The Brund 24 cup baking tin measures 39x25 cm. It is made of heavy steel, which makes it stable and does not bend. On the inside and outside, Brund Bakeware is coated with the effective Xylan coating, a PFOA-free coating specially developed for just steel baking, which provides easy cleaning. In addition to baking tins, Brund Bakeware also features cake moulds, loaf tins, spring form pans, cookie sheets and the more specialist Brioche mould for beautifully baked goods.