Wusthof Limited Edition Gourmet Burger Knife

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Wusthof Limited Edition Gourmet Burger Knife - Discontinued / Last stock remaining 


The world of gourmet burgers has soared with the advent of food trucks and artisanal street food, inspiring Wusthof to create a knife, especially for this all-time-favourite sandwich. Use the wide, rounded tip to spread condiments, the serrated edge to cut cleanly through buns and toppings, and the straight edge to slice through the burger without tearing. This knife is sure to become the go-to tool at barbecues, picnics and outdoor gatherings. Burger knives with rounded blades for spreading and serrations near the tips for slicing. Laser-cut blades are made of high-carbon stainless steel for top performance and durability. Triple-riveted high-impact plastic handles provide secure, comfortable grips. Made in Solingen, Germany.