Wusthof Easy Edge Electric Knife Sharpener

SKU WT3069730303

With the electric WÜSTHOF knife sharpener Easy Edge, you sharpen your blade very easily, even without previous knowledge.

Start the sharpening program at the touch of a button (One-Touch®). The three coordinated intervals ensure that your knives are always sharp and cut precisely with the WÜSTHOF Easy Edge. Take your knife and guide the blade right or left past the flexible grinding belt - as in WÜSTHOF production with a grinding angle of 15-16°. The blade is sharpened easily and without any problems and the grinding residues are collected by the built-in system. 

Asian knives can be sharpened using the electric sharpener, when the upgrade set is purchased. 

•    Handy table-top device.
•    Flexible grinding belts. includes 2 x Medium, 1 x Fine, 1 x Extra Fine & 1 x Extra Course
•    Integrated dust suction.
•    Interchangeable angle guide.
•    Replaceable PEtec blade guide
•    Intelligent "One Touch" program control.
•    Anti-slip rubber base.