NEW Veritable EXKY Smart - Soft Black/Copper LIMITED OFFER


1 x Exky Smart Garden inc 2 lingots - Sweet Basil & Curly Parsley.

1 x Chive Lingot
1 x Mini Red Tomato Lingot
1 x Veritable Recipe Book
Exky® SMART is the smallest and most efficient smart indoor garden that allows you to grow effortlessly herbs, greens and vegetables in your kitchen. It is totally self-sufficient: it takes care of your plants so you can harvest flavorful healthy food all year round. Its ultra-compact and sleek design makes it a great fit in all kitchens. Thanks to its technology, plants in EXKY grow 3 time faster than in the nature to enjoy bountiful harvests!

Combining high efficiency LEDs, the specific light spectrum guarantee a faster plant growth, while activating essential oil production to provide rich flavors. EXKY has an automated day and night cycle. It turns on for 16 hours and goes off for 8 hours. The light pole is adjustable in height with a smooth glide to follow your plants growth.

EXKY embeds the ADAPT’LIGHT™ technology that adjusts the grow light output according to the ambient light. This patented technology allows maximal energy savings while ensuring better growing conditions.

EXKY has a built-in water tank with an an autonomy up to 3 weeks. Automatic watering is completely silent thanks to its passive hydroponic technology. Filling up the water tank has been made so easy anyone will succeed: it has a blinking water level-alarm, and prevents you from overwatering.

The Lingot® is a patented eco-friendly refill to easily grow plants even if you have a brown thumb. GMO-free, pesticide-free, the natural substrate already contains pre-sown organic seeds and nutrients. Its sponge-like structure optimizes roots aeration and humidity control. Each Lingot last up to 6 months, providing an average of one harvest per week.

Discover various and powerful flavours with the Lingots® collection. We have hand picked the best species for their taste quality and their compact size to fit in EXKY. Rediscover the great classics like basil, cilantro and mint, and dive in the refined and exceptional flavours of fresh oregano, lemon basil, salad burnet and all the other aromatic herbs, greens, edible flowers and small vegetables.