SCANPAN impresses on all levels when it comes to functionality, ergonomics and aesthetics. However, it is important that you look after your pans to ensure that they continue to provide the superlative performance expected - Stratanium and Stratanium+ coated products come complete with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects, and can be returned and replaced if they are deemed as faulty. There are a number of things to be aware of before you request a replacement for your SCANPAN, all of which are classed as user misuse and are not covered by the SCANPAN warranty:

  • Each product is specially crafted for its purpose (frying pan for frying, saucepan for boiling, etc), if you use your SCANPAN for other purposes, this can impair the non-stick coating and will result in reduced performance.
  • Do not overheat the pan when frying. We recommend pre-heating on a medium heat for 5 minutes before adding your food. Excessive temperatures will reduce the non-stick performance and can cause scorch marks on your pan. All SCANPAN cookware is fully ovenproof up to 260°C (including handles and lids).
  • The non-stick coating may not perform to the best of its ability if your pan is not cleaned properly. A build-up of burnt-on fat will form if your SCANPAN isn't completely clean. This substance can be removed, please call our office for details of how to remove, on 01782 572910.
  • Although many SCANPAN products are suitable for the dishwasher, we do not recommend it and always advise that you wash your pan with warm, soapy water where possible - remember that SCANPAN's superior non-stick performance extends to the cleaning process too!

If after reading the above points, you believe your SCANPAN is defective, please contact our offices on 01782 572910 or alternatively email, they will assist on what the next steps are.