price match guarantee

how it works...

By now you will know that we have a certain passion for the products offered through ilovehaus. We have been here for nearly 18 years and believe that we offer fantastic service and aftercare, together with clear pricing to give you the best value possible.

Of course we want to make sure you never pay more at ilovehaus than at one of our authorised retail partners. So, if you find an identical product at another UK retailer for a lower price, we will gladly match that price.

There are a few small conditions though – in order to receive one of our products for the lower price, it has to be brand new and the same style, size, and colour as the item we offer at ilovehaus. Also, the item from the competing retailer must currently be in stock, available, and ready to ship (just like every item available for sale at ilovehaus). We will only match the list price — not the price including a coupon, sign-up discount or instant rebate, or if there's been a typographical pricing error.

Finally, it cannot be a clearance, end of line, damaged, second-hand unwanted gift from Nanny Mo, ex-display or open-box item (ie. seconds-quality) or a special offer or bundled purchase.

A few more things whilst we have your attention, we do not honour price matching for auction sites or marketplaces (e.g., or – they are a minefield of counterfeit items and sometimes second-hand, previously used products), membership sites (e.g., or or stores outside the United Kingdom pretending to be British (as these will be subject to extra taxes and duties at the border).

To get your price match, message us using our online assistant (Monday-Friday 9am-5pm). Note: We may choose to limit the quantities of price match items, and we reserve the right to limit quantities sold to a customer.

Here’s the info that you need to send us in your message –

  • A valid link to the product on our site
  • A valid link to the product on the other company’s site
  • The price they are selling for (including VAT and Postage if these will be added at checkout)

Happy Shopping!