Since 1927, all products have been designed, developed and produced in Odenwald, under fair and sustainable conditions that benefit people and the planet. The brand Koziol stands for modern solutions as well as, larger than life, award-winning design. Design, development, modelmaking, mould construction, dispatch and marketing are all handled at a single site, minimizing transport needs and maximizing environmental sustainability. They use state-of-the-art technology to create their ground-breaking products. All of the company's production waste is recycled. It's all but impossible to match Koziol's commitment to conservation.

The ORGANIC collection from Koziol is like no other. It is purely based on cellulose: 100% pure material, 100% recyclable without any harmful substances or traces of melamine, formaldehyde or BPA. Each product is extremely long-lasting and durable thermoplastic, ideal for use everyday. Not only this, the ORGANIC collection is also food and dishwasher safe and heat resistant up to at least 100°C. That's a good design with a clear conscience. Available in three organic colours (grey, pink and green).

Discover a range of classic products that you never knew you needed with Koziol - ranging from kitchenware to homeware. Stylish, unique and simple design that fits in with every home. Many of these products are also popular with the children. Koziol collaborates with the best designers and colleges in the world. Creativity networked with skill, knowledge and high tech under a single roof to product unique classics.



Studies have proven: A beautiful bathroom that beckons of a morning is the best wake-up call around. Koziol bathroom accessories not only inject cheerful splashes of colour, they're incredibly functional too - and guarantee a bright start to any day.

Each has been functionally designed to suit all bathrooms and to provide a helpful companion when storing and showcasing your accessories.

Each object has its own place and with Koziol bathroom storage, messy clutters of soaps and sponges become a beautiful aesthetic, incorporating modern design.

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The bold designs go with many different interior styles and make a charming contrast with natural materials. Partly facetted, the lamps cast beautiful, coloured reflections all around your home, displaying the unique properties of the material to their full advantage.

Mobile lamps are a must for young children at night time, camping or simply for creating a warm atmosphere. Wherever illumination is needed, the Light To Go can assist.  

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Hydration on the go is key, so having the most compact container with a sleek design is important. Each piece can simply pop in your bag or is perfectly comfortable to hold, its special material is extremely lightweight so there's no need to lug around a heavy flask or water bottle, just to keep your drinks hot/cold.

Ergonomically designed with smooth curves and shaped handles to ensure comfort and stability. Whether it's the school run, picnic time or just at home, the range of Koziol cups and bottles are perfect for all. The tough material withstands drops and falls, lasting longer than ever before.

Environmentally friendly, thanks to the recyclable option via Koziol. 

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From lunch boxes and serving bowls to chopping boards and salad servers, Koziol kitchen products are essential for all. The lightweight and plastic material of each piece is ideal for child use. ensuring no painful accidents. Each specifically designed product will give your lunch or dinner table a refreshing new look and glass shards will remain a thing of the past. The quality solid material and subtle, modern colours convey feelings of happiness.

Cooking and baking isn't solely for expert chefs, thanks to the practical and helpful kitchen staples from Koziol, everyone can have their time to shine. Chop vegetables, mix sauces and drain pasta safer and more easier than ever before.

Organised packed lunches are a thing of the future, separate the wet from the dry, ensuring freshness for longer - nobody wants soggy sandwiches and crusty fruit. Separate each ingredient with the different sized Koziol lunch boxes, your lunch will stay just as good as when you packed it. 

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Organizing is good for the soul - Our boxes and bags are perfect for storing and organizing around the house. All those toys, tools, yarn, laundry, bottles, spices, craft and office supplies and and and... will finally have a home!

The compact handles on each Koziol storage piece ensures easy transportation from place to place. Clutters of mess are no longer when you have the help of Koziol, each object is neatly hidden away but still in reach.

With multiple sizes of storage bags and boxes, there's a perfect size, even for those smaller bits and pieces that need a place to stay.

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