Brand Catalogues

Looking for a place to view everything from our brands? Look no further, below you will find all recent versions of each of our brands catalogues. Simply click on the button and you will find the pdf version of each. If you require a printed copy, simply contact our offices.

Discover the very best ceramic cookware, bakeware and tableware. Here you will find everything from bread and cheese bakers, to oven and flan dishes. Each specialised product has been made using high resistant ceramic, which is available in unique, vibrant shades, including the traditional burgundy and the modern Provence yellow or Mediterranean blue, perfect for impressing at the dinner table.
Read about the family heritage behind Emile Henry and what has made them strive since 1850. When you purchase an Emile Henry product, you take a chunk of the heritage with you, carrying it through in years to come.

Emile Henry 2021 Catalogue

On the go, kitchen equipment, homeware, Koziol provide all. Everything that you could think of when it comes to eating and staying hydrated while out, quirky pieces of equipment to tackle all kitchen tasks, or unique pieces for easy home storage. 
Each product showcases trend and intelligent design, incorporating ergonomics for the most comfortable experience, plus modern colours and shapes which allow you to become an influencer, without even realising. The range of unique organic colours welcome pastel shapes, with the red variation which has been added for 2021.

Koziol 2021 Catalogue

Danish cookware that is appreciated and recognised worldwide. We simply wouldn't be able to cook without the essential pieces of equipment that Scanpan provide us with, including frying, roasting and saucepans, to name just a few. 
Discover the history of Scanpan, including insights into the production methods and the sustainable material choice for each pan. In the 2021 catalogue, you will find over 10 ranges developed, designed and crafted by Scanpan. Each of which incorporating individual features and aesthetics that sets it apart from each other, providing every kitchen style with the cookware it needs.

Scanpan 2021 Catalogue

Connecting with nature indoors. If you're not sure which Veritable garden is the one for you, the catalogue is a great place to view all versions at once. Discover the research behind the brand and the considerations for all features and aspects when it came to developing this intelligent gadget. Read the differentiations between ranges, see the power of Veritable and the technology that it welcomes into all homes. Watch your own produce grow from seed, there's no accomplishment like growing your own, and it's just become even easy now that you have the help of Veritable.

Veritable 2021 Catalogue

Become a master of kitchen prep, thanks to Wusthof, known all over the world for their famous trident logo. View every single piece of equipment available from Wusthof, within this catalogue, including nine different knife series, each of which varies in its shape, handle and hold, but all joined with the same level of exceptional quality, as well as carrying the strong brand heritage.
Blade shapes, sharpening and accessories can all be found here too. Kitchen prep no longer becomes a chore when you have the help of a quality Wusthof knife - tackle every kind of task, from slicing and dicing to chopping and cutting.

Wusthof 2020/21 Catalogue