Not sure what knife you need?

We have two premium brands to offer you, with knives from Scanpan and Wusthof.  Below you will find every style of knife that you can think of.
Paring knives, Cooks knives, Filleting knives, Boning knives, Bread knives and more.
Simply search the style of blade or browse. 

Wusthof Limited Edition Gourmet Burger Knife
81% Clearance
Wusthof Half Bolster Epicure Cooks Knife 20cm
53% Special
Wusthof Classic Boning Knife 16cm
Sold Out
Scanpan Spectrum 7/18cm Bread Knife - Turquoise
70% Last Chance
Wusthof Gourmet Utility Knife 12cm
Sold Out
Wusthof Gourmet Roast Beef Slicer 32cm
30% Special
Wusthof Magnetic 50cm Holder Walnut
Sold Out
Wusthof Create 10cm Pizza/Steak Knife - Red
Sold Out 30% Special
Wusthof Classic IKON Santoku 17cm
Wusthof Classic IKON Santoku 17cm


£120.00 £160.00

SCANPAN 3.5/9cm Utility Knife - Turquoise
Sold Out 70% Last Chance
Wusthof Gourmet Super Slicer 26cm
Sold Out
Wusthof Silverpoint Decorating Knife 9cm
50% Clearance