Scanpan Fusion 5

Clean lines and a steel lid that not only makes the series stylish, but also easy to clean. There are no angled edges that can capture food debris and the stainless steel makes Fusion 5 dishwasher safe.
And how does SCANPAN Fusion 5 cookware achieve such fantastic results?
Steel - aluminium - steel. That's the short version about the construction of the Fusion 5 series. Imagine a five layer plate formed into a pot or pan - that is Fusion 5.
The materials in the five layers are carefully selected: hard-wearing 18/10 steel inside, aluminium core for the excellent heat distribution, 18/0 steel outside for induction compatibility. This construction can also be an advantage if your induction stove is sensible about the minimum size of the cookware.
The fact that aluminium runs all the way from the base and along the sides maximizes the heat utilization, reducing preparation time to a minimum. Ultimately, this means saving energy.