Veritable EXKY SMART Indoor Garden

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Exky SMART edition is the smallest and most efficient indoor garden that allows you to grow herbs, greens and vegetables in your kitchen. It has been adapted to an ultra compact size to fit smaller spaces for those city dwellers. Allows you to grow two Lingots at the same time, ideal for kitchens with none to little daylight. Plants grow 3 times faster than in nature.
Its ADAPT'LIGHT technology adjusts the LED's intensity based on the surrounding natural light - plants receive the most precise amount of light all day long, whether the sun is beaming or in the darkest cupboard, plants will still flourishes to their maximum potential.
Efficient and autonomous lighting, thanks to the SAVORYLIGHT technology which produces a day and night light cycle, turning on for 16 hours and off for 8 hours - providing the plants with the correct amount of light, while respecting it's natural cycle. Automatic watering for up to 4 weeks and pulsing LEDs when the water tank is empty - never forget to water the plants again.