Wusthof Epicure

Contemporary design for culinary inspiration - Wusthof Epicure marries German precision with the art of Japanese design. You will feel this immediately as you slice effortlessly through fresh food. The handles are designed for optimum comfort and control from beautifully sculpted sustainable natural fibres that have the feel of real wood and the strength of steel. Be inspired with WÜSTHOF Epicure, manufactured entirely in Solingen, Germany.
Forged from a single piece of stainless steel that runs from the tip of the knife to the bottom of the handle, creating a full tang, increasing balance. Each handle is ergonomically shaped with a perfectly smooth texture and made from sustainable natural fibre material which feels as pleasingly warm as wood.
Discover a mixture of half and full bolster, with the half making the leading grip position easier and the full bolster adding that extra layer of protection for the fingers from the blade edge.

Wusthof Half Bolster Epicure Cooks Knife 20cm
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