The Santoku

The Santoku

We hear you!

What on earth is a Santoku.  Seems some knife brands can't explain that very well so here is the explanation! 

Santoku is a Japanese style knife, a Japanese knife translating into three virtues.  Those virtues are for you and for assistance in your kitchen.  You ‘chop, slice and dice’.  This superb vegetable knife will be your Ramen friend, you can finely slice burger onions for that recreation of an OG or it's a multi purpose helping hand with all the prep work you just set yourself up for this (hopeful) sunny weekend. 

The blade edge is flatter (in contour) than that of the typical western knife.  It has the slight ability to rock and roll on the board/cutting surface, but it is a different wrist action than that of a typical knife. If you are a cooks knife enthusiast you will like this knife... but you will need to get used to it.

You, as already stated, slice, dice and chop.  The blade is sharp enough to do the work that you set it.  Should you go through a butternut squash with this? Maybe not. It's for more detailed work but it will easily slice and chop apples, potatoes etc etc. It has a hollow edge on it and you will see this from some of the other knives we offer. Plain edge version - it’s personal preference.  Most sales are with the hollowed edge.  The hollow edge assists with the release of food from the blade, no way does it make it no stick but it will help! Making for faster and more efficient cutting! 

Which size? Some prefer the smaller blade but the standard is 17/18cm.  Again, some like the manoeuvrability and agility of the smaller blade but it's a personal preference. 

We have a limited amount of clearance pieces from the brand Wusthof, their Silverpoint range has been delisted. Okay, so this one has been discontinued.  We were as shocked as the next person.  It does offer you the chance to snap up a really good and well priced Santoku though??!? See it here

If they have gone, check out the SCANPAN Santoku.  German steel, made at the factory where these Danes have strict quality control over in the far east. Great price and well balanced, an easy to re-sharpen knife - and... now available in two styles of handle. 

Check them all out... Click here 

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