Fundamentals of the CTX Saute

Fundamentals of the CTX Saute

Let us tell you about one of our ‘go-to’ pans for the everyday kitchen – the CTX Saute Pan. It simply hasn’t been given the appreciation that it needs. A saute pan is something that many people won’t consider an essential in their kitchen, however when you experience the functionality of the CTX version, it will quickly become your lifeline for everyday cooking. The high-rise sides are helpful for many different dishes, whether that is simmering sauces, browning meat or frying vegetables.


Discover below the 5 layer construction of the CTX range. The combination of layers increases its strength and gives each piece excellent heat conductivity.


It is ovenproof up to 260°C because who wants the extra dishes and effort of changing pans? Suitable for all oven types, so we can take it wherever we go, and it will still serve its purpose. This intelligent pan comes with a steel and glass lid, perfect for those who like to keep a watching eye over their contents. Finally, we have the famous Stratanium non-stick coating. The extra layer not only increases the toughness and durability, but also provides one of the best non-stick surfaces, so you don’t have to worry about your ingredients sticking to the base.


Cleaning is a dream, hot soapy water, and a cloth – no scrubbing necessary. Not using a dishwasher will prolong the life of the pan but if the kids accidentally pop it in there, don’t worry, it will be fine as a one off!

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