Seasonal Appetizer Ideas

Seasonal Appetizer Ideas

After we have filled our faces with Christmas lunch, most of us want light bites for the evening. Appetizers are the perfect choice when you don't want a full meal, but still want to impress your guests. Pick and choose from your favourite savoury and sweet treats. We are here to provide you with a few different appetizer ideas for every Christmas evening, with the help of the Emile Henry Aperitivo range of course!


Bao Buns

Rocketing to the top of the popularity list, these Asian inspired buns are pockets of soft and fluffy bread, which are typically stuffed with anything you like - from pulled pork to crispy duck. These petite appetizers are delicate, warm and delicious, bringing a new level of flavour, differing from the herby, wholesome foods we will all be eating for our Christmas lunch. 

If some of your guests are vegetarians or vegans, you can opt for a different filling on half of your bao buns. Vegetables are also a great stuffing, including the likes of mushrooms, carrots, beansprouts or jackfruit. Create a sweet and spicy mixture of vegetables and simply stuff the bao buns. You can also accompany these steamed buns with traditional condiments, such as Hoisin or sweet and sour sauce. 

Stuffed Peppers

For those of us who are looking for something a little more healthy to add to our table of platters, this common recipe is packed with flavour - from the sweet peppers, to the infused rice, combined with the melted cheese and crunchy onion. Another stuffed dish, the shape of the pepper allows you to add as many fillings as possible. 

Whether you want to make your own Mediterranean style rice, or because it's Christmas, you can cheat with a shop brought packet. Simply slice, stuff and cook, then serve straight from oven to table with your choice of Emile Henry Aperitivo platter.

Seasoned Fries and Cheese Bakers 

You simply can't fail when it comes to fries, especially when they taste as good as these. Add as many toppings and seasonings as you like - from classic salt and pepper, to melted cheese and bacon. If you cut your potatoes finely into small wedges, the cooking time will reduce and each fry will be generously coated with all of the deliciousness that you have added on top. 

When it comes to sharing platters and cheese boards, a cheese baker is a must. Create the perfect centrepiece, the hub of the buffet, the destination where many ingredients will be dipped and adored. Just pop your chosen cheese into the baker and cook for the time specified, then serve straight to the table. 

Mince Pies

Enough of the savoury, let's satisfy those sweet tooth's. One of the most traditional desserts during Christmas time, the mince pie. For those of you who have the days pre-Christmas at home, why not make your own and add seasonal toppers, like these festive trees.

It's not as difficult as you think, just make your pastry, fill with mincemeat and any other dried fruits that you like. This classic treat is loved by many, it's simply not Christmas without mince pies. 


Dessert Loaves

A compact, light and fluffy dessert that your guests can slice their way through at the Christmas buffet. Here we have a honey, lemon and yoghurt loaf, it doesn't sound like a traditional sweetener but it's great for satisfying those full tummy's that crave something sweet, without becoming stodgy.

You can bake any kind of dessert loaf you like, adding ingredients like fruit, nuts, chocolate or spices. Let your guests slice their perfect sized piece. Emile Henry platters are the ideal size and shape for hosting your dessert loaf.

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