Say goodbye to kitchen tongs and hello to an easy life!

Say goodbye to kitchen tongs and hello to an easy life!

Squashing food, crushing food, dropping food… the list of hazards when using kitchen tongs is endless – they seem so useful and yet in practice… they are never quite the right size and can be an absolute chore to use.

Gefu are famous for their ingenious kitchen tools and gadgets that are guaranteed to make day-to-day kitchen life easier – one of their proudest inventions is their Kitchen Tweezers! Made from 18/10 stainless steel (so no risk of melting, even when turning food in the pan or adjusting things on the BBQ Grill!) they are simple yet effortless to use.

Rounded tips make them suitable for use in all kinds of cookware, even non-stick, while their resistance combined with their ridged interiors mean that the lightest touch provides tight grip without damaging the food. Their hanging ring is perfect for storage on a hook or peg.

They’re a lifeline when turning bacon in a grill pan, assembling towering bowls of multi-ingredient salads, adding decoration or toppings to cakes, frying halloumi cheese, transferring extra treats to your ramen bowls or flipping smaller items midway through oven roasting (they’re practically designed for potatoes on a Sunday!)

Cleaning is easy (they’re dishwasher safe too) and within a couple of uses will become an integral part of your “kitchen essentials” kit!

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