Outdoor Specials

Outdoor Specials

Fancy a bargain? 

If you are the sort of person that eats outdoors as soon as the sun hits.... one of those that has the pleasure of a campervan or caravan and likes to travel with some good kit, or that person that has a few drinks in the garden whilst the sun sets... possibly making use of the facilities you had installed when we were all locked in a cupboard whilst we waited for Covid to pass.

We have a deal or three from Koziol that you shouldn't miss.

We are clearing some space in our warehouse for some new products arriving in the next weeks.  So to do this we have three options. 

1. Sell it to some conman who pays nothing for it (Dislike)

2. Sell it to you and let you obtain a fantastic bargain (Like)

3. Give it to charity (bit like our donation to Dougie Mac, when last year we gave a few thousand pounds of GEFU stock we had no enthusiasm for). LOVE :)

Check it out.... if you search our clearance section at the moment (here is a lazy link) then you can obtain some amazing deals for you, friends and for the garden! We highly recommend the SuperGlas. 


Happy Shopping

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