Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021

Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021

How are you kick-starting the new year? I think we are all hopeful that this year is going to be better than the last, but whatever it may bring, at least we can still enjoy our favourite foods and recipe creations. 

So as it's a new year, it's time to start planning our new year's resolutions, which is actually quite hard to think about because none of us know what the year ahead holds. A resolution that we all completed last year, was to treasure every moment that we have, feel happy in ourselves, no matter what is happening around us, and spreading that positivity to other people that we face everyday. 

Are you one of those people that has popped healthy eating and living on to your list? Well, we are going to help you accomplish it! It is a whole lot easier to reach your goal when you enjoy the process, having those pieces of equipment to help you along the way, and get you excited about cooking.

When any of us order ourselves anything, we are constantly swiping down on our emails for an update, waiting for the postman to knock. So, step one to your healthy eating goal is to treat yourself, invest in those special pieces of cookware that are going to motivate you to get yourself in the kitchen. We are the experts when it comes to recommending kitchen equipment that you are going to get excited about. After trying and testing many, below you will find 5 of our top favourites that many people have yet to discover and will help you through your healthy food prep!

1. Veritable - This gadget has to be one of the most influential pieces anyone could have in their kitchen to get them kickstarted for healthy eating. Each Veritable garden literally provides you with the produce you need to create fresh and healthy meals. Instead of continuously buying a handful of herbs from the shop, get regular harvests within your own home. Each garden is completely automatic, so for those of you who aren't so handy with keeping plants alive, your garden will take care of everything for you. There's over 60 different flavours that you can choose from, including herbs, greens, small fruits, baby vegetables, edible flowers and Asian flavours. 

2. SCANPAN Windsor - The quality of this one pan will persuade you to cook recipes that require the help of the Windsor - it's simply a dream to use. The large shape with angled sides allow you to create generous sized portions, key for healthy meal prep, allowing you to make batches which can be stored, ready to eat, still fresh in days to come. Ergonomics have been redefined with the extra-long, curved handle, the comfort that you receive is second to none. Finally, the best point of all, its non-stick coating, the surface on this pan is rougher, increasing the release and searing when cooking - two important capabilities when it comes to the development of flavour.

3. Emile Henry oven dishes - If you are looking for a universal piece of equipment that is going to help you tackle breakfast, lunch and dinner, no matter if it's sweet or savoury, these dishes are a must. The simple, yet elegant shape and size allows you to get creative with your contents. The high resistant ceramic that each dish is made out of ensures your food is thoroughly cooked and still hot when it comes to serving. Available in a range of colours, allowing you to transfer straight from the oven to table.

4. Wusthof Classic 14cm Chai Dao - The knife which combats all kitchen prep. Its size has been adapted to ensure confidence and control in the hands of all. A kitchen knife is a key piece of equipment when it comes to cooking, you are guaranteed to use a knife every time you are preparing a meal in the kitchen, so rather than purchasing a selection of specialised blades, the Chai Dao is a good all-round tool which allows chopping, slicing, cutting, dicing and much more. 

Let us know if you are adding healthy eating to your new year's resolutions list and tag us in your recipes on social media @ilovehaus, we'll be sure to share our favourites!

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