Every kitchen has it, but why?

Every kitchen has it, but why?

'Please let me introduce you to my favourite little kitchen companion…my Wusthof Classic 9cm paring knife – a ‘Workhorse’ and most beautiful specimen that does a lot of the work in my kitchen!

 Wusthof knives have an amazing reputation for quality and reliability… they are a cooks best friend and the most essential tool in every kitchen, you’ll pick one up every time you prep and it never disappoints, always ready to get to work!

You appreciate the small details a paring knife offers when you use it, from its small but precise blade, to its balance, resulting in a comfortable and secure kitchen prep.

My kitchen buddy really does make peeling, chopping and prepping food effortless (and enjoyable). From peeling fruit and vegetables to small intricate work like removing seeds or decorating - its sharp stain resistant carbon steel blade makes quick work of every task I throw at it!

Cleaning and aftercare are simple, my Wusthof likes nothing more than a hot soapy bath at the end of a hard day (they can go in the dishwasher too).

A sharp knife is much safer than a blunt one, your kitchen companion deserves a little TLC – regular honing and sharpening will keep it working as efficiently as the day it was purchased.

Remember, you don't have to build up your Wusthof knife collection overnight – look forward to the new knife days ahead. My paring knife was my first, bought over 20 years ago, the first staple in my collection, and is still my go-to kitchen essential…indispensable for years to come!'

This weeks blog is brought to you by Steph, one of our new brand ambassadors here at HAUS.

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