Deconstructed Easter Egg

Deconstructed Easter Egg

One of the things that we look forward to the most when it comes to Easter is the fact that we have an excuse to eat as much chocolate as we wish. The supermarket shelves have been flooded with chocolate eggs and the biggest decision of all is choosing which one to take home with you. 

There are many sweet treats that we like to indulge in, from Easter nests to bunny shaped biscuits. Why not try a deconstructed Easter egg? A concoction of ours that requires as many varieties of melted chocolate as possible, including milk, white and even dark. Then, you need as many ingredients to dip in as you wish, we would suggest biscuits, marshmallows or fruit. Adding a twist on the traditional easter egg, why have just the chocolate when you can add other munchies that taste even better dipped in melted chocolate?

The Emile Henry oven bowls came in handy when quickly melting chocolate. Each bowl is suitable for microwave use, so within 30 seconds, we had our gooey, rich deliciousness melted and ready to serve.  


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