'Classic': Why change a recipe that works?

'Classic': Why change a recipe that works?

There is a reason why Wusthof are known for their knives worldwide. 

Whether you're a professional or a keen amateur home cook, they are regarded as the standout tools in the hands of everyone who uses them. None more so than their famous Classic Cooks knife.

Most people will have seen similar looking replicas of this knife from every other manufacturer under the sun, and the reason for that is because they wish they had the same reputation as the original!

We asked Jake, one of our brand ambassadors here at HAUS, what he thought of the Wusthof Classic Cooks knife: 'Coming from a fine dining background, even as a teenager I knew Wusthof were THE elite in knives, the end-goal of equipment ownership and I knew I wanted to have them in my knife block one day. Now I'm working alongside them, it almost feels too good to be true.

Using a Wusthof knife seriously puts into perspective just what sets them apart from the others. The Classic Cooks knife is now my absolute go-to when it comes to any food preparation in the kitchen. Whatever I am prepping; be it joints of meat, filleting fish, chopping root vegetables, herbs or patisserie I know that I'm not going to be let down when I really need it.

The balanced, razor sharp, high-carbon steel blade gives me confidence to know that I can be as precise as possible when slicing and makes any preparation quicker and easier by gliding through food with less persuasion. The heavy-duty grip is comfortable, stable and feels familiar in your hands to make cooking more enjoyable and something to actually get excited about, as opposed to a demanding chore. That's all because I have the absolute best tool at my disposal!

It's become such an integral tool in my kitchen that I know if I look after it properly, maintain it and don't throw it in the drawer like all of the other neglected knives and utensils, it will continue to give me cooking pleasure and satisfaction for years to come.'

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