Love cheese?

 We find, well here in the UK, when we talk about baking a cheese then everyone jumps at Camembert infused with Rosemary and Garlic.

Well with our little roasting dish aka the Emile Henry Baker, designed for cheese, created for the inspirational cooks out there.  I'm thinking infused cheese, breakfast eggs and mini meal bakes etc.

 Here it is.... Available in Charcoal, Burgundy Red, Provence Yellow or Mediteranean Blue.  Just £39.90 per piece

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17cm of Diameter, or 17cm of happiness. Pack it with as much as you can and stick it in the oven.  Create your own mini fondue of cheesy joy. A raclette of roasted spreadable joy.

Dimensions: L 19.5cm | H 10cm | W 17.5cm (Not forgetting the handles so 19.5cm inc.)

Infuse with what you like...

Here are some little suggestions to get you started. 


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