Let's talk CHRISTMAS!

Let's talk CHRISTMAS!

There's not long left, before we know it, we will be waking up to the sound of bells and Christmas cheer, preparing for the fun filled day ahead. Is anyone bothered about presents this year, especially now that our wishes have come true with us being allowed to see our family and friends at the most special time of the year. 

Have you chosen your speciality centrepiece for lunch? A traditional turkey? Maybe a mixture of your favourite meats? Or how about roasted veggies? With most of us here at HAUS being ultimate foodies, we will be enjoying classic turkey, delicate mashed and roast potatoes, a variety of seasoned carrots, parsnips and Brussel sprouts (well, maybe not all of us will be enjoying this green divider!). Let's not forget about the delicious pigs in blankets, herby stuffing and of course, the master of all, Yorkshire puddings! Topped off with our favourite condiments - gravy and maybe a dash of cranberry sauce. Our mouths are watering just thinking about it. 

Now that the food has been planned, do you have your cookware pieces that are going to be your life saver through this time of the year? Let's run through some of our essentials when it comes to crafting the most spectacular Christmas dinner...

The reliable roasting pan, this piece of equipment is probably one of the most key pieces that everyone needs in their kitchen. Whether you have chosen speciality meat or the pick of the crop vegetables, the roasting pan becomes your best friend when it's time to cook. It's your foundation of kitchen craft, withholding as many ingredients as possible, thoroughly cooking each to achieve the best possible texture and flavour.

Second place is the deserving carving knife and fork. Once the meat has been cooked, a sharp, precise, comfortable knife is needed for easy and efficient slicing, no matter what thickness you wish to carve. The combination of the carving fork and knife allows full control, ensuring safe plating. There's no need to struggle with small knives and forks that aren't going to do the job. The large size of each carving knife and fork has been specially designed to tackle all joints of meat.

Finally, oven dishes and platters have to be recognised for their help when it comes to Christmas dinner. For those families that create the ultimate sharing centrepiece that the table can pick and choose from. Oven dishes and platters allow you to cook and serve in one, without having to dish out onto plates. Let your guests choose. Create the most colourful, eye-catching presentation with the variety of colours that each piece is now available in. 

We would love to see your Christmas dishes, be sure to tag us @ilovehaus so we can share your amazing recipe craft! 


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