Master Your Flippin' Pancakes

Master Your Flippin' Pancakes

Anyone know where January went? It's February already! This month isn't all doom and gloom though, national food days have us covered, as we are blessed with pancakes, pizza, Yorkshire puddings, real bread and gifts from our lovers - what a delicious month we have ahead. 

A day that we all like to celebrate is pancake day. The choice of toppings combined with the indulgent, sweet taste of each pancake is an explosion of flavour and is one that none of us ever turn down, especially on pancake day. Before the day arrives, we want to help you master the technique of creating the perfect pancake. 

First of all, you need to use a large frying pan which has an exceptional non-stick surface - this is key when you are flipping. The non-stick surface will allow the pancake to glide away from the edge of the pan and easily turn on its head. Nobody wants a broken pancake, or even worse, one that's been across the floor before its plated. 

Whether you are going for the classic English style pancake, similar to a crepe, or opting for thick and fluffy American style, you need to ladle the right amount into your frying pan. Too little and your pancake will turn into a crisp, or too much and it can become stodgy. One ladle full in the centre of your frying pan will be perfect for either style of pancake. If you are making American pancakes, the batter will be thicker so the ladle full will remain in the centre of your pan, whereas the English pancake batter should be more runny in texture, spreading across the entire base of the pan.

Last of all is deciding which toppings to add, do you like yours simple and classic with sugar and lemon, or maple syrup? Maybe you are a chocoholic who loads theirs with as many sweet treats as possible? Or all of the above? Whatever it may be, we hope it is delicious and get tagging us in your creations on social media @ilovehaus

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