NEW from Veritable. The Exky

NEW from Veritable. The Exky

Watching things grow with ease is easy if you have green fingers, time and you aren't rushing around in what can only be described as a busy life.

We introduce to you a NEW addition to the Veritable family.  The Exky.  With a starting price of just £119.  Offering an abundance of fresh herbs and utilising the Lingot technology that are already shared with our standard indoor gardens. 

Whether you wish to add flavour or garnish a dish, add a handful of coriander to a dish or present that last bit of basil to present a main course.  Veritable now offer over 60 different Lingots (the block that sets you up with ease to grow your herbs) in varying different flavours and styles.

Add some Asian flavour to your Thai meal, add some Italian herbs to a dish or just utilise that lettuce you just grew for a wonderful salad.

Bring the family together and grow your very own herbs, salad, fruit and inspirational flavours with the Exky.  Available soon.

The Veritable indoor garden is easy to take care of, it will let you know when it needs some more water and it offers you the chance to enhance a dish at home.  It's also fun for all the family and offers excitement and education whilst you grow your own little garden indoors.

Proudly manufactured in France.