Out with the old, in with the new

Out with the old, in with the new

Wusthof have been crafting in the city of blades (Solingen) for over 200 years, as we now find ourselves half way through 2020, Wusthof have decided it is time for a re-brand, introducing the most contemporary version yet. As the overall look of current and future knives will change, the feel and quality remains the highest level it has always been.

As of the 1st July, we welcome the new style into our warehouse. You may notice a few little changes to the aesthetics but do not worry, it is still the same craftsmanship underneath. Modifications are as follows:  

Each blade etching has been simplified, now featuring the famous trident logo and range of each knife - this results in an increased sleek and stylish blade. The logo sticker has been updated and is now stamped/etched onto the handle of the knife, which prevents peeling and wearing. Finally, the packaging has been revamped to impress and showcases the new modern look and feel of Wusthof.

Due to the re-brand, each knife has also been assigned with a new 10 digit SKU code for easy identification.

We currently have our remaining old stock listed on our website at their clearance price, these will be available while stocks last. The new stock is listed as a separate SKU and will be available to buy as each comes into stock.