Knife Prep Transformed

Knife Prep Transformed

As 2020 is coming to a close, we are on the final run of what has been a difficult year for everyone, we are determined to make the most seasonal month one to remember. So, as we are all about to flock to the kitchen, Wusthof have blessed us with not one, but two NEW ranges!



Luxury and precision within one knife, for those who appreciate it.

With this new range, we see the peek of innovation with the developed stylish black blade, made using a DLC (diamond-like carbon) coating. This specialised feature ensures reduced friction due to the lotus effect, resulting in liquids and particles gliding off the surface of the blade. The hardness of the blade surface has been increased to an impressive 104 Rockwell, resulting in a strong, durable knife. For connoisseurs, this means a remarkable advantage in performance: its extreme robustness makes it virtually immune to adverse external effects and the diamond-like surface is also extremely resistant to heat.

Carry the beauty from the blade to handle. This range has transformed the design of original Wusthof knives, incorporating a Hexagon Power Grip, this non-slip, honeycomb structure handle provides optimum grip and outstanding control when each knife is in use. Experience comfort and ergonomics like never before.

Fact of the day: DLC was originally developed for the extreme conditions in space travel and motor sports. WÜSTHOF are the first knife manufacturer in the world to use this technology on a fully forged knife with bolster.



Classic White

The impeccable original for quality-conscious food fans.

After the popularity of the normal Classic range with black handles, Wusthof now bring to you the same quality and precision, but with modification to please those with a specific taste. The handles in this range have been given a crisp, pure white effect - instantly uplifting moods and fitting with those modern monochrome kitchens.

In this range, you will find the most essential knife shapes, allowing you to tackle every prep task that you could think of.