ITV: Grow Your Own With Alan Titchmarsh

ITV: Grow Your Own With Alan Titchmarsh

As we all found ourselves in lock down, fighting over toilet roll and creating stock piles bigger than we had ever seen before, growing your own at home increased immensely across the UK. Those who had never done gardening before suddenly expressing their green thumb and experimenting with fruit, vegetables and herbs all grown from their own home.


On Monday 22nd June, we were excited to see Veritable indoor gardens featured on Grow Your Own With Alan Titchmarsh. The contemporary solution for growing your own produce, without having the gardening expertise needed for wholesome food grown in the garden. The episode saw the Veritable SMART edition being set up by garden lover, Katie Rushworth, with the smaller version, EXKY SMART also shown here and there on the episode.


It's no wonder why Veritable is a hit with those garden lovers, this innovative piece of technology is the future, allowing people to taste the world with unique flavours and textures. A help to many during the difficult times that we have faced over the past months, allowing a connection with nature when secluded to 4 walls. Educating while remaining independent in its watering and lighting system.


The is nothing more rewarding than having the self-accomplishment when your Lingots have flourished into bountiful harvests.

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