Welcoming to you WUSTHOF AEON -  a whole new level of knife craftsmanship. One to be treasured and admired in the everyday kitchen, tackling the most demanding kitchen tasks. The unique black surface of the blade (amorphous carbon) has been coated with a DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) coating, which has been created by transforming steel using hot carbon and hydrogen gas, increasing the durability, strength and beauty of the AEON Cook's Knife. The coating almost doubles the strength of the surface from 58° to 104° HRC, without the steel becoming brittle. Resistant to scratches and liquids effortlessly roll off, without staining. 
With only 1500 pieces available worldwide, each AEON comes with its unique production number and certification of authenticity. Its exquisite handles have been crafted from 3249 year old Bog Oak - dating back to the end of the Bronze Age and the start of the Iron Age. The curved handles have been ergonomically shaped to ensure the upmost comfortability. Its full bolster and tang has been specifically crafted to provide the user with the perfect balance while in use. 
Each masterpiece comes enclosed in its own premium container, perfect for storing and transporting your knife. In your box you will find your exquisite knife, (held in place with magnets and elastic locking ring), production certificate and branded blade care cloth. 
  • DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) coating
  • Each handle is made from Millenia-Old Bog Oak
  • Increased strength and durability
  • Full bolster for a safe kitchen prep
  • Full tang for maximum balance
  • Only 15 available in the UK, each arriving with its own certificate of authenticity